Snag a Bag of Make Up Tricks and Tips

If you’ve ever rummaged through your old cosmetics drawer and thought, what was I thinking when I chose this color, or looked at an old photo and thought what were we thinking when we dressed like this, you’d be forgiven.  As styles in fashion and beauty quickly change, we can hardly keep pace.  And technology has played a part in prolonging the ruckus and to good effect.  But here are some ways the beauty industry and customers in particular have benefitted from the intersection of beauty and technology that are sometimes over looked or taken for granted because they’ve become such an integral part of our beauty routines.


You have to forgive yourself for online shopping for “bogo” deals and count down steals when you consider all the online sites that help you get rid of those conservative clothes that are crowding your closet with the tags still on them.  Sure you thought you would be promoted to marketing manager by now, but looks like it’s not happening soon.  Using sites like LetGo, or others that are niche specific for clothes, hand bags, or shoes means you can experiment with a new look, and let it go when it doesn’t work.  And of course, we all bit when the beauty box-of-the-month craze started.  While it’s still fun, going to a trusted store like Sephora will always win the day.  There are times when you’ve got to switch up on a dime, and get your face beat into submission without waiting for the next surprise package to arrive.  If you’ve just been added to the list of invitees to the bosses’ summer retreat for the legendary July 4th shenanigans, you’ve got to get it together now!  And Sephora is just the place to go online or in store to take advantage of Groupon coupon deals that will get your look together in no time.

There are Groupons that will get you a free NARS lipstick right now, and you can sign up for free weekly samples to try later.  Lancome, La Mer, Tarte, Bare Minerals, and other top brands are available, and if you act quickly, you’ll easily qualify for haircare freebies and codes and other irresistible goodies.  Free Kate Spade duo and make-up bag rolls off the tongue so effortlessly.  And it takes less effort to snag it than it does to say it.  Just apply your money saving Groupon and the deals in the bag.